The Libertarian Alternative DVD

The Libertarian Alternative DVD
"The Libertarian Alternative," is a long-time-running high quality public education program in California produced in Hollywood by host Mark Selzer and is a fun and exciting way to learn about Libertarian ideas. This show features such guests as elected Libertarians, movie stars, community leaders, Libertarian scholars and clips of Libertarians in the news. Watching this show is a great way to learn how to communicate Libertarian ideas and will help persuade friends and neighbors. Mark co-hosts the show with Libertarian Party member Dusti Taylor.

There are several different DVD's availible, each 2 full hours long. There are 4 interviews on each, with a minute and a half break between each - formatted so you can donate the DVD to your local public-access station once you have learned all you can from it.

Some of these videos (keep in mind they are low-res samples) can viewed as streaming video on the internet at:

Lib Alt Screen Shots

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