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These PDF samples are viewable with Adobe Acrobat. In order to obtain them, add them to your basket, just like any other item and checkout. You will then be sent a link via email to click on and download.

Please keep in mind - in order to get the PDF by email you must provide a good email address or they can't be sent to you. Generally, the email is sent immediately. It will include the links necessary to access the files. Be sure to check your "spam" box if you haven't received an email from us within 24 hours. You can also find the links to your downloads if you log in to your account and go to "order history". All samples you requested will be available there.

These samples are provided free by LPStuff to accomplish two different purposes:

1. Distribute free educational information about the Libertarian Party.
2. Provide our customers with a sample of the brochures we offer, so they can evaluate the brochure and assess it's effectiveness in their locale and for their specific circumstances.

These samples are not intended to be reproduced and distributed as official literature from the Libertarian Party. Both LPStuff.com and the Libertarian Party are anxious that all literature reflect high professional standards. Please visit our "Brochures/Educational" section to order supplies for your event or personal distribution.

LPStuff.com PDF Sample Copyright:
Except as expressly prohibited on this web site, you are permitted to view, copy, print, and distribute documents within this web site subject to your agreement that:
1. Your use of the information is for informational, personal, and noncommercial purposes only.
2. You will not modify the documents or graphics.
3. You will not copy or distribute graphics separate from their accompanying text and you will not quote materials out of their context.
4. You will display the embedded copyright notice on all documents or portions of documents and retain any other copyright and other proprietary notices on every copy you make. 

5. If you copy or print the documents, you will insure the completed documents meet the high standards set for all LP literature.

6. You agree that LPStuff.com may revoke this permission at any time and that you shall immediately stop your activities related to this permission upon notice from LPStuff.com.
7. The permission above does not include permission to copy the design elements, look and feel, or layout. Those elements of the document are protected by law, such as trade dress, trademark, unfair competition, and other laws, and may not be copied or imitated in any manner.

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