1. I registered but I haven't received my activation email.  What's going on?
The number one cause of this is a spam blocker set on your email.  Put us on your "allow" list and try registering again. Also be sure to double check the email address you entered.  If it's not correct you won't get the email.

2. I requested one of the free PDF files but I haven't received the download link.
There are two possible problems here. One is the email you entered is not correct and the email containing your download link cannot be delivered or your settings in your spam blocker filtered the email out.  First check the email address you gave us and make sure it's correct then check your spam blocker and put "LPStuff" in the "allow" list.  You may also find the download link if you log in, and look at your account history. (Upper right hand side of the log in page)  Your orders will be listed here and if you click on the order you can find a link to each download you request.  If you are having additional problems please contact us at terrys66604@yahoo.com.

3. Your shipping prices look expensive - why so high?
Did you see the drop-down menu for the shipping options? The default shows up as the UPS rate but if you click the down arrow, there are other (often less expensive) options.  We do add $2.50 per order to cover our time and materials to package your order.

4. I get this error message when I try to order - Help!

equest XML:
PRIORITY6661148198-6531104Flat Rate BoxRegular
Return XML:

-2147219497DomesticRatesV2;RateEngineV2.ProcessRequestPlease enter a valid ZIP Code for the recipient. 1000440

This is a United States Postal Service software issue.  It's not LPStuff or any of our software. What is going on here is the extra 4-digits in your zip code are causing problems with the USPS server/software.  This is very easy to fix.  don't use your extra 4-digits in the shipping-to field. Go back into your order and take out the four digits where you can and that should take care of it!  If you have any additional problems, call us at 1-800-444-8618 or email us at terrys66604@yahoo.com. 





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